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Melee does not work until relog, after spamming it for a short period.
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After experiencing massive delays between pressing the LMB, and my
character actually hitting with the axe, the only workaround was spamming.
In this 20 mins session i killed 5 zeds, then when the 6th arrived i wasn't
able to hit with my (raised) fireaxe anymore.


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Take out your axe and hit something, put it away, pull it out, hit, repeat.

Additional Information

Delay between switching 1-9 increased after this bug occured.

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I have reproduced this issue. It does not persist between character deaths (but I have not tried logging out and back in on a bugged character).

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I have had this issue twice, logging in and out seemed to fix it

Had the issue once (but also only spammed once). Relog did the trick.

Had this issue three times and died two times because I couldn't fight back relogging fixed the other time. As a survival game that you can't fight to survive I would say game braking bug.

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This has happened to me regularly in 0.47 but unlike in the previous build once my melee weapons 'jam' I also can't fire guns.

for you people who have the issue, while we wait for a fix, press the LMB wait for animation to finish, then repeat, and wait for the animation to complete, it sucks that this is the only way, but it works i did it last night played for 2 hours and killed 20+ zombies, try not to spam the LMB, be patient guys it will be fixed

This is not just melee weapons its for any type of gun also. A relog fixes the issue though like you said. Happened to me and my buddy today, both of us had it happen to us.

Similar issue, engaged a zed from behind with fists, knocked her down, when she got up I tried hitting her again and had the animation but seemed to have no effects on her at all once she knew I was there, THEN my LMB crapped out. It was ugly

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0013441: (EXPERIMENTAL) Melee not working correctly now.

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.