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Character Teleports To Vybor Everytime.....
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Okay so lets me give you my story i was in elektro looting and a server message popped up saying restart in 1 minute then bang bang bang i'm dead i went and hit respawn before i respawned the server restarted so i join back i'm under a bridge in Vybor with nothing stripped naked but hydrated, healthy, energized in bright green i thought someone teleported me so i did some investigating i conducted an experiment and it works over and over.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Wait for server restart message 1 minutes
  2. Kill yourself
  3. wait about 20 seconds
  4. press respawn
  5. (server restarts) Join back into game
  6. Bam your under a bridge in Vybor

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Hi, can you please send me a link to your Steam profile?

If you don't know how to get the link, please refer to this forum post

Thank you!

This has happened to me once.

Logged out with gear in a safe place.
Might have been killed during the process, but highly unlikely.
Joined back in and spawned "naked", healthy, hydrated and energized just in front of the bridge by Vybor.

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Had this yesterday on 3 person Experimantal DE 01 0.48,124699, too.

Was shot and died at NWA a few secounds before server restart. After restart spawned naked in Vybor.

This happened to my today, also the skin is different from one you're using. I am using black male, but when i respawned in Vybor i was naked and my skin was white.

Reproducible 90-100% on our server:

Name: [Spec-Ops] Gaming DayZ SA- Recruiting @
Game: DayZ Browse: DayZ Servers
Address: Port: 2502