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Feedback Tracker - Arma Reforger "How To" Guide
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Before submitting a feedback / bug report, please make sure to do following:

Searching through Feedback Tracker

Quickly search through the Recent Tasks on the main page

  • If you experience an issue shortly after update, there is a big chance someone already reported similar issue
  • If you encounter a crash and similar crash was already reported, please report it and do so in your own ticket so we can track the crash and its progress
  • Select Arma Reforger and Open
  • Go to the Maniphest page for more thorough search
  • Hit Edit Query to display search options
  • To search for Arma Reforger issue, make sure the Arma Reforger tag is present
  • Try to use Contains Words to find the issue you are experiencing
  • You can try and use any other search options
  • Remember though, that other users may not always fill in all the info and if your search is too specific, you might end up empty handed

Creating a ticket

  • Click on the STAR ( ⭐ ) symbol in the upper right corner of the FT screen (next to your profile picture) (IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO SUBMIT A TICKET WITHOUT REGISTERING)
  • Select one of the Arma Reforger forms corresponding with the type of issue you experience (example: by platform /private if sensitive information or crash info is being handled)
  • Fill in all the important information (proper descritpion, game version, attach files - crashdumps, pictures of visual issues, videos of sound issues) and any other info you find relevant.
  • The more information we get the faster we are able to find and fix the issue
  • After you have filled in all the important information hit Create New Task below the ticket form

Reporting Crashes

  • It is highly recommended to send the crash data from the in game dialog when the game crashes - this provides us with all the information we require in order to efficiently address the crash as soon as possible
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I have an Xbox Series X and pretty solid internet. I’ve been trying to join a multiplayer game for the past 3 days now and haven’t gotten any luck. I’ve consistently been getting “backend error” or “lost connection”. Or when I load into a game, my screen shows water, then sends me right back to the main menu. The one time I was in a server for at least a minute and was unable to perform any actions nor did the load out area or players showed up on my screen to which I get sent back to the main menu shortly after! I have preformed a trouble shoot on my internet multiple times and have uninstalled and reinstalled Arma Reforger twice! And still no luck! I still feel this game is worth every penny I spent and I understand it’s still in preview however I sincerely hope you folks look into this matter as soon as possible. Especially for the others who are experiencing the same problems as myself and are eager to play the multiplayer experience! Thank you.

Game error

M'y config

en el asiento del acompañante no se ve los indicadores del velocimetro

el juego tien un problema con los fps y el tiempo dentro del mismo por ejemplo si tengo los fps en 60 y efectuo un disparo a rafaga con la ak47 dispara normal y fluido pero si el juego esta a 40 fps y ago lo mismo da una sensación de que la ak47 dispara mas lento como si el contador de fps afectara el funcionamiento del arma lo cual no deveria suseder

otro detalle a destacar es que cuando avanzo mas de la mitad del mapa en modo conflicto el juego empiesa a presentar problemas de carga de texturas se desaparecen estructuras como edificios y aparecen mas lento noto que el disco duro empiesa a trabajar más de la cuenta como si el juego intentara cargar las texturas del servidor este problema no se da todo el tiempo y es en lugares específicos.e notado que a la primera no me uno a ningun servidor solo puedo unirme al segundo intento

Igualmente, cuando me monto en un vehículo con alguien más siento tirones en el juego y aparte del problema de exceso de fuerza G y sonidos extraños que ya ustedes conocen por momentos se pierde todo el terreno y aparece de nuevo y da tirones hacia detrás y delante es una sensación engorrosa y que da mareos no en todos los casos sucede parece tener algo que ver con la diferencia en la conexión del que conduce el vehículo y yo con otros jugadores es menos evidente que con algunos.

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Creating a ticket

Fill in all the important information (proper **descritpion**


The problem is that GameMaster takes control of the character, everything would be normal, but for example, I choose to control the character, when he transports BTR firstperson and I press Y to leave the character, the same sound remains as in the interior, in general, the sound from any position freezes firstperson sounds, after the character dies, the sounds are restored again how was

Can Bohemia do something about trolls on the Xbox. There is a gamer with multiple accounts that team kills and rips down all of our bases, making the game unplayable. The account names are Diegotraud72, KevinGarcia4093, and Alexander2702d3. We try to ban him, but they join right back in with another account. I have videos if needed, please do something as the game isn't playable.

PR9INICHEK added a comment.EditedAug 16 2023, 4:42 AM

@lordxmorguecart hi :)

I think that you need create a ticket at and send all proofs there

Missing building skins! Sometimes objects and vehicles too.
Changed/updated GPU did not downgrade, however.
O.S is Win 11 Direct x 12
Geforce RTX 3060 Driver Current FPS solid 60 less at worse settings.

Dandes added a subscriber: Dandes.Dec 2 2023, 7:46 AM

Arma Reforger is a very good game, both in terms of vehicles or weapons, it has been growing a lot lately and it is something that makes me very happy, but I have almost not been able to play properly because of the servers that end up limiting me because I live in South America, here almost no one plays, so I have to play on the North American servers, I get very stuck during the game, with an average of 130 to 150 ping and teleporting all the time, it would be nice to have a sevidor here.