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spartancain (H Taylor)


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Jun 2 2017, 3:56 AM (148 w, 23 h)

CPL H. TAYLOR | 15M1884
Infantryman | S-3 Range Instructor
3rd Battalion, 1st Marines
15th MEU Realism Unit

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Jul 19 2017

spartancain added a comment to T124112: Issue with Sound in 1st person on 64-Bit ARMA 3 stable - Lag - Stutter - USB 7.1 headset & AMD CPU.

Same issue for me, recently installed a Corsair VOID RGB Wireless 7.1 headset and immediately began having same issue. Game rev 1.72. Only occurs when in 1st person in vehicles.

Jul 19 2017, 6:30 AM · Arma 3

Jun 2 2017

spartancain added a comment to T71747: Allow user to choose speed / altitude / distance units.

Is there any possibility that this request will be accelerated and made a reality now that Jets DLC is out? This would be an enormous help to our aviators in the 15th MEU, which has one of the oldest and most comprehensive air combat elements and training regimes in the ArmA universe. We'd be very grateful for this option, as it would allow our procedures to far more accurately follow real world flight operations. Thank you for hopefully incorporating this soon.

Jun 2 2017, 4:01 AM · Arma 3