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May 10 2016

reaper4231 added a comment to T85141: Server running out of memory - Stack Overflow.

maybe an update for you guys since the issue is still open.

im on windows server 2012 and had this issue for a while during december and my server was crashing like once a hour or something. When trying lots of thing to fix it i change 2 major things and it stop crashing, its been 48 hour now and still up. (Auto reboot each 6h)

What i change:
old version of extDB -> extDB2 release 70
change all my BIS_fnc_MP (and life_fnc_MP because i have an Altis Life server) to remoteExec and remoteExecCall

i dont really know if it fix the crash but at least it give me enought time so the server can reboot by itself every 6 hour

May 10 2016, 12:27 PM · Arma 3