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May 10 2016

mieffer added a comment to T90628: Can't Interact in game -- d/c in 2 minutes.

I had this for the past few days. I think I managed to fix it for myself.
It seems to be connected to BE, since lot of people report no problems on unprotected servers.
Here are the things I tried in order to get rid of the issue (always checked few servers):

  1. Restarts (PC, Router) = no luck
  2. Verify game = no luck
  3. Admin mode = seemed to work, but only for a bit
  4. Reinstall = no luck
  5. Putting WHOLE steamapps/DayZ folder on exceptions list in antivir (AVG) AND switching firewall (comodo) to game mode = 5h without problems so far.
May 10 2016, 5:39 PM · DayZ