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May 9 2016

gosunoob2 added a comment to T60792: Recoil causes weapons (even in semi-auto) to climb vertically in an unrealistic manner.

The recoil itself I don't have a problem with, however I will second, third, fourth... etc. the true issue which is the lack of "gravity" as I like to address it. If all you do is push the trigger and don't actually move the mouse, the final resting place of your red-dot shouldn't be the max elevation/sideshift of the recoil pattern. The weapon doesn't magically float in mid-air and the shooter simply needs to correct the recoil, but the shooter is constantly supporting the weapon or else it would simply fall to the ground. If I find a target, aim and the fire, gravity plays part in returning the 10-15 pound weapon (whose center of gravity is about 18 inches in front of the player character), back to the original position. I truly hope this is changed before the game is fully released because after purchasing this game last night and trying it out this morning, I found myself laughing when I came across this problem.

I located a rock about 100m away, and without moving the mouse itself just started shooting. If this is supposed to be a FPS simulator I don't know what planet it is meant for, because here on earth after shooting 20 rounds, there's no reason I should be now aiming at the sun which is at high-noon.

It plays as though there is either no gravity, or the weapon itself has no weight so there's nothing for gravity to affect.

May 9 2016, 10:02 PM · Arma 3