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May 10 2016

bryansamuel added a comment to T90628: Can't Interact in game -- d/c in 2 minutes.


Very interesting Phugoid. I will try that later and post up here the results of playing. Me and my friend have been trying for a couple of days to play together so we will know straight away if playing on a non-battle-eye server has helped.


May 10 2016, 5:39 PM · DayZ
bryansamuel added a comment to T90628: Can't Interact in game -- d/c in 2 minutes.


This has happened to me as well. My friend was playing with me at the time and was using his microphone to tell me what was happening. He stated (after pressing P) that I had a desync value of 100k. Some times this value dropped, but even if it did, it never went below 12000.
For me as the sufferer I was unable to click on any items, move any items in the inventory, equip/un-equip in the bottom bar, unable to see anyone move around realistically, do any form of hand signals (finger up/wave) or vault.

Below are some of the things I tried to do to solve the problem.

1)Restart PC (didn't help)
2)Restart modem (didn't help)
3)Start game in administrator only also set compatibility mode (didn't help)
4)Change server x3 (included night and day) (didn't help)
5)Drop all items on my character (helped on first and second)
6)Drop all my items on my character (didn't help on third desync)

To explain no 5) and 6)... I suffered a Desync problem three times in 1 evening. The first time is where I attempted 1) through to 5) as above. No 5) was where I basically made my character naked, I logged out of the server then logged back in. Everything returned to normal [as the game should be] instantly. I picked up all my stuff, walked down the road and then hit another desync (no 2). I THEN, removed all my items (went naked) logged out, then logged back in and the game went back to normal instantly. So I removed the last few items that I picked up in the game and went off walking [with all my other items back on my character]. The game didn't desync for at least another 20mins.

For no 6) I was in a house and the game desynced again. I removed all of my items [went naked] logged out then logged back in again. I was still having a desync of 100k. I tried this method 3 more times to make sure and every time it failed. I then just quit the game and called it a night.

During every desync if I was to remove an item [put to the floor] my friend would see it straight away, but it wouldn't register on my character that it had been dropped. If I walked anywhere he would see me move, but I couldn't see him move. If I did any action, he would see it but I wouldn't. You get the gist.

I am going to record a video next time it happens to me, I hope this will help you dev guys! Great game! :)

May 10 2016, 5:39 PM · DayZ