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Tue, Mar 24, 8:03 PM (1 w, 8 h)

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Thu, Mar 26

Venom21- added a comment to T149975: about justice.

YES THEY’RE NOT FIXING THE PROBLEM you’ve literally stated everything I’ve complained about I’ve even posted something similar to your comment. This game is awesome but hiw can you enjoy it when you can’t even get stuff you’re meant to be able to get in the game it’s like false advertisement. I’m sure this situation is giving them regrets from moving this game from console to PC but this game is good! Besides that one big issue

Thu, Mar 26, 10:04 AM · DayZ PS4

Tue, Mar 24

Venom21- added a comment to T149953: LOOT LOCK.

The only way to enjoy the game is to go to unofficial servers but don’t really wanna do that

Tue, Mar 24, 8:14 PM · DayZ PS4
Venom21- created T149953: LOOT LOCK.
Tue, Mar 24, 8:13 PM · DayZ PS4