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Hello, dear developers of the wonderful game DayZ. I play on the playstation 4 platform. I have a suggestion for you to eliminate misunderstandings and increase the prestige of the game. Many newcomers playing on platforms in your product will be very upset due to the fact that only a small part of the players own all the weapons and resources on the official servers. Yesterday I found a database on the official server, where there was a huge amount of weapons, resources. It is not possible to win the base, because there are a lot of players and they kill everyone. In this situation, these players transfer all the best weapons to other servers, and we know that there is a limited number of these best weapons. I ask you from all adequate and interested players to create a restriction on storing the same items in the same area. Set a limit on the transfer of weapons, equipment, and resources to other servers by players. Example. I am a PVE mode player. I don't need company clans, shootouts, but when a clan of several players attacks me, I have to defend myself, it's natural in the DayZ world, I understand. For my protection, where can I find a weapon when it has been moved to a vault, cache, or other server? Having the best weapons, several players do not allow others to enjoy the game. For 1 month of playing only on military installations, I have never seen M4A1, AKM, VSS, SVD and many others. Where is this weapon? With this continuation, I have already lost interest in the game, as well as my friends. Please hear our message to you. If the situation does not change, Your product will crash on platforms. This is not a PC. I'm sure You understand. Thanks. Sincerely, Alexander.


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Romerys created this task.Mar 26 2020, 3:51 AM

YES THEY’RE NOT FIXING THE PROBLEM you’ve literally stated everything I’ve complained about I’ve even posted something similar to your comment. This game is awesome but hiw can you enjoy it when you can’t even get stuff you’re meant to be able to get in the game it’s like false advertisement. I’m sure this situation is giving them regrets from moving this game from console to PC but this game is good! Besides that one big issue

Other players, users, please support this question to our dear developers.

I'm sorry but I vehemently disagree! There should never be any limit to any item-type in this game. It may not be possible for YOU to raid the base, but that doesn't mean that other GROUPS can not. For example, our group is capable of filling nearly half the player-slots on the server and is comprised of members from multiple countries from all over, so we always have people on-line. When you play solo, or with a small group of friends, YOU SHOULD NOT BE CAPABLE OF RAIDING A MUCH LARGER GROUPS BASE, save for, drumroll please... when they are all sleeping... which leads us to locking servers to regions again, which I DO strongly support; however I also believe there should be Cross-Regional servers as well. But being unable to defend your base because you have to work, or sleep in real life shouldn't be part of the game. If we are going for "realistic" I would undoubtedly hear any type of breaching had I been sleeping in my base instead. But I'm getting off-topic...

What you found is a Dupers base. Utilizing exploits, they acquire & sell those weapons on the "Black Market" for like $4 a pop, and are capable of duplicating them over and over and over and over and... I've seen it with my own eyes.

However, now that the free-2-play period has expired (aka - open the flood gates to exploiters), their numbers have diminished, albeit not eliminated.

Over my extensive time played I have met other large groups which befriended me and I have discovered just how easy it is to get BattleEye to keep it's Only Eye (Apparently) wide shut. THIS is the NITTY GRITTY of your complaint.

But if Bohemia ever panders to such a seemingly emotionally-frustrated type of complaint that not only impacts our groups game-play but infringes upon it I would gladly up and leave my favorite game, DayZ. Let's address the real issue here rather than acting like American Democrats demanding MORE GUN CONTROL LAWS.

And I disagree that you should need a group only to raid a big base. There are alot of people that play by themselves so to say that you don't think that one person should not be able to raid a base by themselves is ridiculous.

I ask You to hear and catch the essence of my appeal. I've captured bases many times on my own, but I'm not just talking about myself. Base with adequate players without Duperow I respect and wish them a successful development. More is said about the activity of Duperes. Is it impossible to analyze the origin of weapons and resources in the game? I respect who through raids have justified and collected weapons with resources, but not those who take advantage of the weakness and laws of the game. An advanced player will always say that he is strong and will have a passion in the game when capturing bases or raids, but not novice players. I taught many beginners to play, which showed normal base and duperow.

Rare guns are hard to find... I played this game for a ridiculous number of hours and all I can say is that you can actually get top tier loot and weapons if you know when and where to loot, even with dupers ruining the CLE on most official servers. If you play long enough you will know how to find and store your favourite weapons effectively. You'll also know how to avoid most of the bugs listed here, and laugh when it happened to you before. Rule n1: Never use vehicles... I've been called a duper multiple times because I like to organise all my stuff and weapons, and I have a lot now, but that's just countless hours of looting and raiding/killing other players. I never knew how to dupe and I do not want to know as it will ruin my own gaming experience. That being said, attacking a base (duper or not) of 10+ connected players alone is just pure suicide, no matter if you have a LAR or a shovel... Better stalk their names as a freshie and wait for bed time, that is just common sense for an experienced lonewolf :) I believe Dayz (in its current unfinished game state) is just a game of patience, observation and trickery, not the ultradynamic open world fps shooter everyone is waiting for. Like it or hate it!

JohnnyBgood, I completely agree with you. I have experience of the game, and I also have excellent weapons. Not everyone has enough patience in this game.