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May 10 2016

THHT added a comment to T99354: game crashes when changing server on joining progress and possible char double.

Files as requested by R834:

I have been reproducing the same crashes as stated.

  1. Start game.
  2. Connect to server and play for any amount of time.
  3. Disconnect at any time or when the server restarts.

4a) Connect to the same or other server and the game will show the Please Wait black screen but then crash to the desktop with the same error messages posted in previous comments.
4b) Alternatively, press ESC while on the server list menu to return to the main menu. My character and the background partially loads, but the game then crashes to the desktop with the same error message.

  1. Reload game and repeat.

If I go down the 4a path, my other problem with this is that if I connect to the same server at step 5, I create a duped character at the same location where I disconnected/crashed from initially and that character persists in the game world until the server restarts. It never disappears even though it goes through the lie down/crouching animation as if it will eventually vanish. So now I'm concerned that this duped character could be killed by bandits and I will lose my 'real' character.

I don't know if that character persists if I connect to another server as I have no friends to confirm this with. However, I can confirm that when I load the game for the 2nd time, my crashed character loads just fine, but if I connect to a new or 2nd server and modify the character a with loot and disconnect/crash to desktop and load the game for the 3rd time, my originally crashed character will load in the starting menu instead of the new modified character. That said, if I then connect to the 2nd server where I modifed my character, my modified character will load.

So now having exited the game for the 4th time, I'm wondering which character I will load on the 5th time. We'll see.

Update: When I connected for the 5th time, my very first crashed character loaded into the menu, but when I connected to the '2nd' server, my modified character was saved from before. After playing a bit more and exiting the server, I was able to get to the main menu without crashing and my modified character loaded, replacing my crashed character. I then exited out of the game for it to crash again with the same error message.

May 10 2016, 10:44 PM · DayZ