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Sep 26 2019, 8:16 PM (229 w, 5 d)

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Oct 23 2019

NyctoDaemon added a comment to T146013: Melle weapon damage on character .

I feel really bad, because I know how long it can take too loot, but imagining the "thunk!" noise as you get one tapped by a freaking shovel is just way too funny. Total b.s and shouldn't have happened, but oh boy that's funny.

Oct 23 2019, 7:28 PM · DayZ Xbox

Oct 8 2019

NyctoDaemon added a comment to T145422: No 1.05 Weapon or Car Spawns.

Due to the state of the game, every time there is a wipe, large groups will quickly gather up whatever high their military loot they can get their hands on, then they dupe the ever living hell out of it. As a result, none of the regular players will ever stand much of a chance to see any weapon better than an SKS, other than when a person with an inventory full of duped gear is putting a .308 bullet through your head with their LAR. Until they fix the issue of this massive loot hoarding, you won't be seeing anything in the official servers, except for maybe a day or two after each wipe, if you're lucky. Also, don't to anyone that says " you can find all of these things, they're just super rare so you really have to look for them" because they don't even realize that there is a super low item cap for these weapons, so it has nothing to do with looking, and even if it did, why should it take over a week to find a high their weapon in a game that's all about looting and dying relatively frequently? That is a text book way to make sure nobody ever wants to play your game again. They either need to fix the duping/loot hoarding, or get rid of any item caps for these weapons. The servers are already laggy as hell as a result of the loot hoards, so it can't get much worse if they actually make military loot available in military bases.

Oct 8 2019, 4:46 PM · DayZ Xbox

Sep 30 2019

NyctoDaemon added a comment to T145126: Many bugs.

I've noticed this problem before when I have a somewhat full inventory. I figured out though that the items aren't simply vanishing, but they are in fact just hidden in the inventory. It's hard to describe without visuals, but essentially every once in a while I'll put something into my inventory, and just like you I can't see it as I scroll through. Turns out that on occasion, these items will be in the very bottom of whichever pouch they were moved in to, but they are not visible at first glance. The only way to actually see them is by scrolling and hovering over them, which you can tell is happening if you haven't automatically switched to the next pouch. After a moment, the item description should pop up and you'll be able to identify which item it is. Hopefully this is somewhat helpful with the issue. Not a perfect solution, but it's one thing I figured out after playing enough.

Sep 30 2019, 4:39 PM · DayZ Xbox

Sep 27 2019

NyctoDaemon added a comment to T145066: Military shipping containers .

Couldn't agree more friend. It always feels odd that you'll spawn on the coast, and there will be dozens of the green military containers, but maybe one can be opened. No reason not to have more of them be accessible, even if it's just low-tier military loot.

Sep 27 2019, 7:12 PM · DayZ Xbox

Sep 26 2019

NyctoDaemon added a comment to T145015: A few of many game breaking glitches..

I completely agree with everything you're saying here. Only thing I don't agree with is one *very* specific point. Just the point of the stopping people from duping/server hopping. While the server hopping was an easy fix, the duping is still very much the biggest problem this game has, in my opinion. While the lag and other various issues can be downright aggravating, the duping has made it so there is absolutely no point in playing this game. You can go loot around for several hours, and never even find an SKS, because it's the only military loot that's left spawning so everyone is picking them up. These people that are abusing the duplication system have fundamentally crippled this game, and until it's fixed, we the regular, hard working players will suffer. I can handle lag, and glitches, and even falling through a wall somehow and dying. These things happen, and while I would like them to be fixed, they don't make me want to uninstall the game. What does make me want to uninstall, is everything I said before, because why play a game that just feels... pointless? I'm sure these players that abuse the duplication are well aware they're ruining the game for a very large majority of the community, but they really just don't care. I'm of the opinion that until these issues are fixed, and people can no longer duplicate enough guns to arm a small nation, then this game will progressively worse until the only people left playing are the crackheads holed up in a factory with 100 LAR's, M4's and AK's stashed under them, like the disgusting goblins they are.

Sep 26 2019, 8:57 PM · DayZ Xbox
NyctoDaemon added a comment to T145014: Duping and sever crashes.

Can anyone plz give me a answer cuz it really ruining the game 4 me and my friends

Sep 26 2019, 8:40 PM · DayZ PlayStation
NyctoDaemon added a comment to T145019: Do any of these work anymore?.

I've had same issue with scope but my VSD's scope I got off a player works fine.
If it's a bacterial sickness you just need to take tetracycline and it sometimes takes a few pills, never had issues with sickness not going away.

Thanks for your comment. I've taken the whole boxes of tetracycline, codeine, charcoal tablet and you name it but it doesn't go away but this character is dead anyway :)
Lucky you have SVD and speaking of it, when I found two heli on separate locations with smoke(UH-1) but no rifles. Excited to locate them but disappointed with empty hand. It appears even with heli crash sites, you can't find rifles due to limited number of high end rifles that everyone stashed away? I'v never seen a Lar or even M4 but had pleasure of having SVD, VSS and KA 101 for a short period of time(yeah I've got them after server wipe but no more). I'm losing interest of running around for nothing and I'm a type of players who likes to loot and build the character rather than pvp and lose it all. Last point is that it's too laggy especially in fire fights and this game lacks compare to other fps games. Hope it changes.

Sep 26 2019, 8:34 PM · DayZ PlayStation
NyctoDaemon added a comment to T144994: Make the gun spawns for aks and m4s unlimited like you have for the sks.

I beg to differ I think you should really have to look and loot deep if you want that type of arsenal man, I play on xbox and have only ever found 2 of m4's and one kam and one other ak and Vsd. Seen alot of sks and pistols and smg's also. My play time since I've bought game is 24days 13 hrs. Look deeper remember this is grittier than that any other zombie garbage game. Once you find them you will fucking cherish its beauty lad!

Sep 26 2019, 8:23 PM · DayZ PlayStation