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A few of many game breaking glitches.
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Here's a list of the game breaking bugs I encounter on a daily basis:

1)Bullets not doing any damage when you fire them.
2)Unable to restock magazines even though you have rounds a mags.
3)Weapons despawning when servers restart or you get kicked.
4)Unable to see storage inventories/off the screen.
5)Suppressed weapons not aggroing zombies but sounds loud for you and other players.
6)Other players not being able to see the items you drop.

If I manage to go a session without encountering at least 1 of these glitches then I am pleasantly surprised which is absolutley unnacceptable for a fully released £30 game. For the amount of time you have to play to reach endgame loot, the fact that it can all be taken away from you for so many different buggy reasons is absolutely ludicrous. I have video evidence of every one of these situations on multiple occassions, and they must have occured hundreds of times all together whenever I havent recorded them. After a server resets or crashes and I get kicked, I have lost multiple end game rifles such as lar's and ak's for no apparent reason. When Ive been in a gunfight, whether its for my bullets not doing any damage, trying to load my magazines, giving away my position to other players due to my suppressor not working or trying to pull something I need out of a barrel storage, I have lost days upon weeks of progress due to these situations, which results in a very stressful situation for myself due to how inconsistent and unpolished this game is. You have spent so much time trying to stop people from duping and server hopping, that you've neglected the playerbase that play legit as all the hard work we put in is for nothing when your game mechanics fail us. I want to love this game and be immersed in it like I should be, but the gamebreaking and downright unnacceptable problems with this game make that impossible at times. We want change! We want consistency!


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Windows 7
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1)Relogging can sometimes fix it.

2)Relogging normally fixes it.

3)It only ever seems to be high end weapons which makes it even more infuriating.

4)If you hold x on all the items in the inventory you can normally put them back in and see it.

5)Once it happens to a weapon doesn't seem to be a way to sort it. It's definitely a fault with the weapon not the suppressors.

6)They have to relog to see them.

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SWRx00 created this task.Sep 24 2019, 2:07 PM

Well said, my friend!
Thank you for your post!!
from PS4 user

I completely agree with everything you're saying here. Only thing I don't agree with is one *very* specific point. Just the point of the stopping people from duping/server hopping. While the server hopping was an easy fix, the duping is still very much the biggest problem this game has, in my opinion. While the lag and other various issues can be downright aggravating, the duping has made it so there is absolutely no point in playing this game. You can go loot around for several hours, and never even find an SKS, because it's the only military loot that's left spawning so everyone is picking them up. These people that are abusing the duplication system have fundamentally crippled this game, and until it's fixed, we the regular, hard working players will suffer. I can handle lag, and glitches, and even falling through a wall somehow and dying. These things happen, and while I would like them to be fixed, they don't make me want to uninstall the game. What does make me want to uninstall, is everything I said before, because why play a game that just feels... pointless? I'm sure these players that abuse the duplication are well aware they're ruining the game for a very large majority of the community, but they really just don't care. I'm of the opinion that until these issues are fixed, and people can no longer duplicate enough guns to arm a small nation, then this game will progressively worse until the only people left playing are the crackheads holed up in a factory with 100 LAR's, M4's and AK's stashed under them, like the disgusting goblins they are.