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Nov 23 2020, 8:43 PM (84 w, 5 h)

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Nov 23 2020

Msmoonoak added a comment to T155243: DayX PC Shock Value .

When being hit by zombies or by any other impact there is ‘shock effect’ where the screen will flash white with blurred effects ect
This is causing lot of medical attacks for me its triggering chronic debilitating migraine attacks and bounds of bad vertigo.
Also the sun in the game is quite bad for people with light sensitivity which is only helped by the glasses mods in some server. We are finding the most of the time we are playing looking at the ground.
Could there be options in the setting to turn the shock effect off and a option to turn the glare from the sun down ?
Kind regards

Nov 23 2020, 8:55 PM · DayZ