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May 10 2016

Lemonsqueeze added a comment to T91349: On combat loggers and server hoppers..

First of all I completely agree that a mechanic to prevent combat logging is necessary. The problem is that it has to be simple and not random. There shouldn't be a punishment just because there is someone nearby because sometimes you don't even know it, especially in bigger towns. So, some kind of teleporting the character around when someone else is around can't be the solution.

Maybe we should think about what is required: We want to prevent that someone can log out instantly when he's in combat,maybe fleeing or just about to be arrested by other players. But there is no "combat status" in this game. So, we could maybe use some kind of time mechanism.

For example (combat logging): If someone wants to log out it could take about 20-30 seconds and meanwhile he can't do anything (no movement, aiming or shooting) but he can interrupt the process. And the process itself has some kind of emote, like sitting and folding your hands (...). This would ensure that people need to make sure they are way out of reach of other players and have this amount of time to wait in safety. The emote is necessary to prevent that someone is logging out while being under the gun because other players would recognize it.

Another part is server hopping: In first place there should be a time penalty for rejoining the same (!) server after leaving it for about 10 minutes. This should be enough for a new situation. For joining different servers there should also be such a mechanism which is depending on the time you spent on the previous server. E.g. if someone is playing for 2h on the same server he should of course be able to join another one right away. But if he was playing on a server for only about a few minutes he should get a time penalty for a few minutes which is increasing dramatically if he continues the hopping.

Just some short ideas. :)

May 10 2016, 6:03 PM · DayZ