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May 10 2016

Ibanez added a comment to T76457: Duplicating Items with team mates..

Hello Iceman, hello community!

User BuddyRole on Epoch Mod forum has written a series of scripts, which neutralized some duplication glitches in Arma 2. One of these glitches called "storage duplication bug" was similar to exploit from this report. Link to the code:

(If thread will be removed, You can ask me for code. I saved it on my HDD)

How does it work? As MrPink has written "Presumabily it is just checking for storage too close to the player and aborting the ability to logout if any are found".

Maybe a similar script written for Arma 3 could fix (at least partially) infamous item cloning bug. I hope, that this note is useful for Bohemia Interactive dev team. If not, maybe Arma 3 modding community could use information from that thread on Epoch Mod forum in any way.

There are some interesting ideas, f.e. user Donnovan has found 2 ways to fix a "disconnect dupe". Link to the full tutorial:


"The anti-dupe idea:

If the player is offline for 10 seconds, block his mouse and keyboard input until he regain connection or BattlEye kicks his from server.

With that, he can't abort and complete the disconnect dupe (the dupe complete when he reconnect the lan cable in the looby, this is the time the itens appears on the tend/safe/etc).

The anti-dupe idea, more cody:

The idea was got from infiSTAR. InfiSTAR has a feature that freeze players when they press F2 or any danger key."

May 10 2016, 8:01 AM · Arma 3
Ibanez added a comment to T76457: Duplicating Items with team mates..


I'm glad to see, that community found a way to fix it!

I had in mind a script, which would abort the ability to pick up an item if two or more players are too close to that item / storage.

PS - is there any tutorial on how to activate "player saving", so we could share it with server admins?

May 10 2016, 8:01 AM · Arma 3