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May 11 2016

Hydranix added a comment to T112224: Weapons without magazines should be able to be reloaded by pressing 'R'.

The internal magazine and single shot civilian weapons are still better than no weapon. They're meant to be inferior in most ways to the external magazine and military weapons.

Some do offer quick ways to reload, like snaploaders and sks megs.

This obviously gives incentive to acquire the more powerful weapons if you plan to find yourself in a firefight.

May 11 2016, 6:18 AM · DayZ
Hydranix added a comment to T112206: Anti-Dupe Algorithm - Suggestion w/ code.

Often times when I've rolled as a clan, we've matched very closely in gear.

There's still plenty of room for doubt there. There's no way to truly know unless you had admin access to the server.

May 11 2016, 6:18 AM · DayZ
Hydranix added a comment to T112206: Anti-Dupe Algorithm - Suggestion w/ code.

This shouldn't be implemented yet.

I was playing on a private shard. Fullpop, no lag, fun server.

I was driving a V3S heading to the coast to pick up a fresh spawn and drive around.
While driving at top speed, I got a memory error and crashed to desktop.

Upon logging back in, I saw my truck, engine still on some distance up the road.

I ran up to it, and noticed my own dead body next to it.

I walked to my body and was able to open its inventory. My entire characters inventory was duped.

I didn't need a second copy of anything so I left it on the ground. Hopped back in my truck and continued down the road.

After a bit the server admin started raging in global chat about dupers and how he had just banned two dupers. A short while later I was banned from this server.

Despite the best intentions, and even very careful planning, systems such as these aren't always necessary.

Writing the code that does just what you described would take even a less-skilled programmer about an hour. Doing just what you described is so simple that it could be implemented relatively bug proof.

When discussing implementing a system like this, there are many variables that must be considered, beyond "Fuck you dupers".

Will other bugs in the game cause this system to malfunction?
Will this system penalize legitimate players?
Are the illegitimate players causing enough trouble for the legitimate players to accept possible false positives?
How would the system impact the performance of the server in X state.
How well does such a system scale?
How much would the total implementation of the system cost?

I personally feel that duping isn't as big of a problem as some let on.

Finally, my question to you (the ticket author), how do you know with absence of any doubt that these players were in fact duping?

May 11 2016, 6:18 AM · DayZ