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May 9 2016

Don_Karnage added a comment to T60114: Miniguns on littlebird very difficult to hit people with..

Having witnessed firsthand an AH-6 Little Bird conducting CAS, the damage and devastation of the miniguns are very poorly modeled in their current state. I believe this to be primarily a problem of RPM. The spread seems to be alright, but the number of rounds hitting the target area should be much denser. Generally when we call them in, we MAY get 3 good gun runs if we're very lucky. And this is firing in short bursts of maybe 10 seconds maximum duration. I do not believe that the guns are EVER used in the LOW RPM mode due to the Little Bird not being a very stable firing platform and the usual need for complete destruction of the target area when performing the CAS mission.

Purely as a sidenote, most of the difficulty with the guns has to do with their difficulty being aimed. They are usually zeroed around 300m (to give you an idea of how close the pilots get to the target). And the aiming and impact point are different on each individual AH-6. Unlike the MH-60 DAP, with it's sophisticated targeting systems and tracking miniguns, the AH-6 pilots use a grease pencil on their canopy to mark their aimpoint.

May 9 2016, 9:27 PM · Arma 3