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No changelogs with some Dayz updates (experimental)
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I get some updates every now and then and I'm curious what is new but when I check the steam news there is no new changelog there -> sadface.

Changelogs are important.

Curiosity not satisfied.


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changelog is updated usually within 1 day of changes.

rgobeli1, I don't think you even looked at your own link.

"Weekly Server Maintenance (Updated February 4, 2014)"

Yeah, really up-to-date. Also, I'm pretty sure OP was looking for an Official DayZ Standalone Experimental Change Log.

forget the date, look at the info it is only 2 days old now.

It shows the last changes in experimental, which were just updated.
I bet you never opened it up.
Did they have experimental 046.124489 in February?

You have been playing Dayz too long. You don't even trust people in real life now.

Hi, we do not provide changelogs for every single experimental update as sometimes it may be just a small hotfix or an update for server infrastructure that doesn't affect the players at all. We do provide changelogs for every stable update and most major experimental updates however.