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Prone (fractured leg) trying to go upstairs is impossible
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When trying to go up stairs with a fractured leg (never tried normal prone) you can not get up the stairs It's like a wall. Sometimes you can slide sideways close enough to get your foot onto a corner of it and glitch your way through the stairs until the game realises you are in an object and puts you on top again. {F31031}


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Go prone (fracture leg if z doesnt work) go upstairs in a building (metal stairs for sure)

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I have noticed this too.

What seems to be working well is to roll sideways by pressing Q or E, this rolls you up the stairs.

A problem with broken legs are also the sheds. Most of them have a step to get into, however if you are prone, you cannot roll over this obstacle as the door is not wide enough.

Imagine having a broken leg and you want to craft a splint. In order to do so you need an axe. This axe is in the shed you cannot access. Bummer, you are stuck with a broken leg.

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Hello kylemaes and thank you for the report.
Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. Please retest on latest build and report back to us in case the issue re-appears.