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Game crashes randomly when entering/exiting server
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Game version 0.45.124426 DayZ Standalone terminates exits and the user receives a Windows prompt to terminate the program due to a crash.


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Game Crash
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Log into a server and loot one or two items. This time it happened at server restart, exited into the server menu and game crashed. There have been times when exiting the program the server crashes.

Occasionally this happens when exiting the game.

Additional Information

This is difficult to reproduce 100% of the time however the frequency of this occurrence since 0.45.124426 has become commonplace. I have attached log files to assist.

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This happened again today when exiting the game.


Sorry, but we need all the files from the folder:"C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\DayZ\". Put it into .rar archive and attach it here. If the file is too big, place it on the file sharing website and give us the link.


Hi, thanks for the reply to this. Iv uploaded the file the size is 10Mb hope this is ok

Further to above please use below dropbox link to obtain file I was not able to upload due to the file size limit


Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix.

Please keep monitoring this issue for further updates.

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we believe this has been fixed, please create a new ticket if the issue persists.