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Loot on military tents/tool sheds not spawning
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Some of the military tents are not spawning loot;
The smallest toolsheds aren't spawning loot;


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Not every building spawns loot, But both of those building do spawn loot just not every time..

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You can be right, specially about the toolsheds. However, ALL the military tents of that kind had not loot, in ANY server, which means there is something wrong with them.

There has been loot with the wooden floor tents, was in .44

On the 0.45 it's spawning loot as it should be, but on 0.46 ALL the wooden floor tents have no loot.

was just on the exp 46 servers and found loot in the wooden floor tents, you just got there 2 late..

I don't know what's your problem, because you are going into a lot of tickets saying things that you don't know about.
I tried it on 3 different servers and they all had NO LOOT AT ALL. It's not that they had only a few useless stuff. It had NO LOOT.

Half a month and I still didn't get a response, so I don't see the point on you, developers/administrators asking for us, players, to report glitches.