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ashwood sticks too rare
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Fishing and hunting with an improvised bow should be a basic situation.
But the ashwood stick is too rare. In comparaison it more quicker to find a fireweapon than find a simple wood branch. That's not logic I think you really should increase that loot by giving it the same level than the fishing hook for example... Or give us the possibility to chop it directly on the forest like we can do for the wood sticks.


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Dude really? Just go cut down a ashwood tree and get one, it is a survival game not a hand it to me game..

The ash-wood tree is a bit bigger than the apple trees and are all green with smooth white trunks. They usually have many main big main branches.

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Just find an ashwood tree. Not a bug.

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oh guys! I apologize for this ticket , I didn't know , shame on me -.-
thx for the info !

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