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Ammo disapearing when loading in clip.
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Server: DayZ NL 3-56 - hosted by

i had just shot a couple of zombies with my M4 with those large 60 round mags,
and as i always do i reload and fill my almost empty clip,
first some small number of bullets i had left, this went fine as i was used to,
but then i tried loading a stack of 40 bullets, it failed.
the stack was gone but i wasnt in my inventory or on the ground
and even weirder a red heart emoticon apeared in chat when this happened.
at first i thought oh whatever i have plenty.
so i tried again and the same thing happened,
i think this is the work of somenone else on the server, but i have no idea who, or how he did it.

please look into it
i dont like my or anyone else's ammo disappearing.


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True. When stacking ammo to 60 INSIDE the clip, everything is normal. When breaking that clip down (EMPTY CLIP), the resulting stack of ammo is only 30 rounds. The other 30 just disappear into thin air.


that was not the problem, it occured when i was filling the mag, not when emptying.
i suspect a hacker was doing this but i have no idea who:/

This is working as intended. When handling stacks that have a higher number of ammo in them than is the maximum allowed amount, these stacks are automatically removed.

The only way to get these stacks (40/60/30+) was through exploiting a bug. If you don't like your ammo disappearing, do not use exploits ;)

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