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Bayonets don't work as tools for skinning and quartering animals
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A bayonet is usually a sort of knife to mount on a gun.

Regardless, if in the game you want to chop up a hunted animal and have nothing knife-related but a bayonet, you're lost.


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Find a bayonet

kill an animal

try skinning and quartering - it won't work

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I reckon this is an item related issue
bayonets are adifferent category than knives
and probably the funtion hasn't been made available for bayonets - it is for knives as well as machetes, tho, which seem to be 2 different categories (not that I know for sure)

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Yes. And it worked before Patch 0.47

The real life Mosin and SKS bayonets are spike bayonets and not sharp on the sides like a knife just a sharp point. You should not be able to use them to cut or skin an animal. I dont know about the M4 bayonet

andy added a comment.Sep 23 2014, 1:42 PM

Hi Kaznakovi,
we have confirmed the issue and it is now scheduled for a fix.
Thank you for your report,

Thank you, Andy.

@ roadrage: true maybe for Mosin types, although it can be argued that lots of spike bayonets still have at least one sharpened edge.
SKS bayonets tho are mostly bladed designs.
And an M4-"bayonet" is basically a mounted mutli-purpose combat knife.


I own an SKS, the bayonet is not sharp on the sides. I know they look like they would be but they are not, Just a sharp point. Also the SKS bayonet is integral to the rifle, they were manufactured in place and must be unbolted to be removed, you should not have to find one.

andy added a comment.Oct 21 2014, 10:20 AM

we believe this has been fixed.
Please submit a new ticket if the issue persists.