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Cargo Pants inventory exploit
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Cargo pants can be exploited for extra inventory space.

Taking only four (2x2) slots in the inventory, they can contain up to six items and still be stored on 2x2 slots.
It is even possible to put on one pair of cargo pants, put one containing 6 items into it and fill up the remaining 2 slots with whatever. then drop the pants containing the container pants on the ground, put on a third pair of cargo pants and drop the first into it.
Tataa: a total of 10 ((6+2)+2) item slots accomplished in your pants only. :D


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Find multiple cargo pants

pack them with stuff

pile them into one another

carry shitloads of stuff around

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I'm not complaining, this does come in handy at some points.

But I'm sure it ain't intended to work like this.

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upvote, should be fixed and imho not possible. gets ridiculous if put to the extreme