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Scoped weapons not working correctly after 0.45 stable.
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Sights jump relentlessly when zoomed in with the long range scope.


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1)Attach a long range scope to mosin.
2)Zoom in using RMB.
3)Experience significant instability.

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Amachie added a subscriber: Amachie.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

I think thats a "feature" that you cannot make a stabile shot after running. if you wait and hear that your character doesnt breathe heavily anymore, the scope doesnt wander around like a madman anymore.

This is in no way related to heavy breathing, it occurs all the time, it is more chaotic then heavy breathing aim (also it is stacking with it) and it is purely horizontal and present all the time. It seems like related to change in aiming, all the aiming is now less steady, point is it is multiplied by zoom factor of LRS and it is far over the top making LRS useless (as this is movement is absolutely random and jumping rather than just shaking - floating)


The problem i'm experiencing is vertical destabilization, character breathing makes the Sight sway horizontally, Completely unrelated.

I am pretty sure you just swapped horizontally - and vertically |

I see no issue, the slight movement makes sense - especially if you did not rest before taking aim.

Use a splint or a morphine and try it again. Even if you don't have a 'fracture' notifier you could have a broken arm.

Even if you don't have a broken arm the sway is way to high in my opinion and i consider this is a bug!

@Silent Hamst3r,

Thanks for the suggestion!

I'll give it a try.

Tried with morphin and on two different characters on two different PC, still extremely chaotic purely horizontal jumping, for sure not something "that make sense" and I suppose that monkinsane didn´t even try or read rest of notes.

Close ticket,

A morphine injector did the trick. I never received a notification of having a fracture, and no fracture status appeared on the inventory screen. Just a misunderstanding.

Left it open, morphin didnt help me.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

"It seems like related to change in aiming, all the aiming is now less steady"

I confirm. It's only horizontal and it's NOT a feature.

Now, we need to live with this "bug" until the next patch - in a few months or years (ironie...)

I can confirm this, but it doesn't affect only long range scoped mosins.
Needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

anton71 added a subscriber: anton71.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

This is a huge problem, because of this it is impossible to take any advantage from long range optics. I had to drop my mosin and take something else because of this.

fseguel added a subscriber: fseguel.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

I had this issue in the experimental, and also now in the stable 0.45.

Actually it's happening to me again with a new character, no damage received either. I can't snipe! the vertical bounce is back, please fix.

remove LRS and try, you can see that its about gun, not a character stuff.

i agree, this is clearly a bug the mousin is useless now.

before patch 45 the movement of the scope was ok just normal like your breathing and like other weapons.
but now without touching my mouse my aim jumps from left to right at fast speeds... its like i am moving my mouse! also if i make a medium range kill with no scope most bullets will miss its target! it looks like the whole gun is moving. the problem appears if i kneel and if i lay down i am not out of breath or anything.

it is clearly a bug! my char is healthy, weps+attachments are Prestine and like i said before this wasn't a problem before 45 patch.
Please please devs check it out yourself and fix this! the mousin is already a hard to find weapon this also goes for its attachments please do not punish the few people who have spend alot of time finding and completing this weapon!

The Mousin is pretty mutch useless now! :(

This really needs to be fixed and it actually affects all weapons. Why do the Devs want to kill PVP. PVP is why people play this game. People don't play to fish and sharpen axes. Also why on every update is 2 things fixed and then 10 things broken. Who is managing this and who is the brain behind some of these ideas? They really need to understand there players better.

Shrimp added a subscriber: Shrimp.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

agree, this stress mouvement on the scope is a feature, allright ...
but its too much! its pretty unplayable like this , should be less or controled by a medic use or a 'holdbreath' key binding like in Infestation game. ... bipod doesnt work animore on that gun ... so please DO SOMETHING !

This is like having Parkinson, this is not a feature, the horizontal sway is too much, really too much, now the mosin is useless, and some friends tried this with their M4's after running, the same results.

This is probably a feature that wasn't implemented right. It was fine before in .44. I'm not sure why they change things that are working and nobody is complaining about. Fix 2 break 5

I have a Mousin with a bipod, and a sniper scope (pristine). I still have the bipod on now. It must be because i had it on when they updated the game to patch 0.45. Anyway, even with the bipod down, being prone and making sure i was not out of breath, sniping was still impossible, do to the horizontal sway. Anything over 200m is impossible to hit.

"Fix 2 break 5"
They have too much pseudo developers in the team. Look Rust. There are just a few developers, but they work together - and this very excellent!

I have experienced this today:

Mosin pristine
compensator pristine
long range scope badly damaged

when in 1st person the aim will jump along the x-axis OR the y-axis when completely zommed in (RMB). it is NOT swaying, the aim JUMPS. First it was jumping along the y-axis, half an hour later along the x-axis. my character was not breathing heavy, was prone, no broken limbs, stress, etc.

zooming in only half the way (using + and - on numkeys) sort of fixes this because the jumping seems to only start at a certain point.

It almost feels like despite the characters status being things like "energized" "hydrated" and "healthy" that we have been without food nor water for a good while, lost most of our muscle mass, and are so dehydrated that our nerves simply arent working properly anymore, i was using an akm yesterday and my weapon constantly slow drifted to the right and slightly down, like i was too weak to hold it if i still have the strength to punch a zombie to "death" and knock out my buddies fist fighting why cant i hold a rifle up?

So in order to snipe we have to keep using morphine... terrific.

I experience it too but using morphine reduce significantly the sway. Today I have to use 3 morphines and 1 splint and each time the sway stops or reduces. If it's a feature, like fatigue/stress/fear, it's not very enjoyable. My character became a morphinoman -_-

IRL soldiers must go to rehab after first shot of morphine..

I don't think we have rehab camp in chernarus...
Simply question but can why die from overdose of morphine?

Maybe this helps in the investigation:

I noticed that when I zoomed in I had high fps ~ 120 and the sway was unbearable.

Then I started recording and the fps dropped to 30 an suddenly it was way more calm.

I would provide the video but I can't show the part where I have high fps and am not recording obviously.

Good thing they put in the stack-able sticks and stick gathering.

Splint worked for me...there is still a small amount of sway when zoomed in...easily steadied realistically by setting 3 key binds to hold breath.
(Hold Sec Mousebutton)-also zoom in
(left Ctrl)-also Move Head but no effect when zoomed in
(Space Bar)-also Toggle raise weapon but no effect when zoomed in

This bug seems to appear on most weapons now, not only with the Mosin LRS. This is unrelated to both fractured arms and breath.

It is related to fps, that´s why some ppl doesnt have this issue and why it sometimes feels like it was fixed (or atleast limited).

It's not happening only with the Mosin, I've noticed it happening on SKS as well, doesn't matter what scope you're using.

Ark7 added a subscriber: Ark7.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM
Ark7 added a comment.Jun 25 2014, 2:54 AM

The bug appears on all weapons; but of course weapon sway is much more magnified on higher powered scopes, keep this in mind.

The bug really is out of hand; not even acknowledged by the devs and has plenty of votes.

this is a bug that has already been reported and is fixed on the exp (46) servers, wait for the next patch..

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sending in all your feedback regarding the weapon sway. We have notified the devs of the issue so they can have a look into it.

Please feel free to monitor this issue for further updates.



Thank you Jstewert for making devs aware. Hopefully this can be resolved quick. It didnt happen at all previous to .45 so it has to do with some sort of change made in the latest patch.

I just edited the summary since the issue seems present for firearms in general.


Good, thought i was going crazy there for a second.

jagga99 added a subscriber: jagga99.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

I've also noticed this issue (with prestine mosin, prestine compensator, prestine Long Range Scope, but without bipod).
At the time being it is not possible to shoot moving target more than > 200m.

Very sad about this "bug".
Could you please clarify when it would be fixed?

Here you can find demostration of this bug:

the above video shows...NORMAL SWAY....Set your Hold Breathe Keybinds.....if you are experiencing any more sway than that you need to stick|splint/or morphine yourself...even if you are Hydrated,Healthy,and Energized. as said above....massive sway is from an broken bone or fracture not showing up on the debuff panel......that little bit of sway can be fixed by binding a few keys to hold breathe.

DayZDavis, Im not sure that u followed me: acctally I was pressing holding breath button (!). Without it -sway would be more singificant
Also I was trying to use my mouse to hold target in scope.

This video shows that even using hold button + prestine equipment it is not feasible to shoot NOT moving target from >200m

you have to set mutiple hold breathe key at least three....hold sec mouse+lft ctrl+spacebar..or whatever works for you...i know it's a work around though..

DayZDavis, I will try
Why you think that pressing 3 buttons which are binded to "hold breath" will solve a problem? Please more details. Tnx

Binding several key to add multiple holding breath effect is not the solution and it's very close to a glitch exploit. Like binding multiple fire button to maximize damage (it's joke! not working of course... I think)
Aim looks like your game is running at low fps, even while being rested
-> use morphin or other to minimize temporary the shaky sway (I've to go to rehab' when patch came out -_-)
-> slowly walk forward while aiming is more stable than being steady (yeah because logic!)

MrDouille, actually I've 60 fps without aiming, and 100+ fps with scope.

Why you think that pressing 3 buttons which are binded to "hold breath" will solve a problem? Because it does....worked a week ago...just tested it again...

"Binding several key to add multiple holding breath effect is not the solution and it's very close to a glitch exploit."
-Binding one button to hold breath and have it work would be great...Maybe I'll report that Later today. As for an exploit...hahaha good joke..

Remember it's alpha....and the game is suppose to be somewhat realistic..granted there are the above linked video the sway is minimal.. it doesn't need to be fixed....Hold breath does..

@jagga99 : I've 30fps, the problem is not here. The game "looks like" is slow fps because the sway plays at pingpong 2-3 time per seconde.
@DayZDavis : the glitch to add several hold breath effect has already been reported.
If you really want to see the sway in action, use AKM with PSO or SKS. The most shaky I've experienced.

MrDouille, sway with sks are the same as for mosin.

Guys did you see this link: ?
It would be fixed in experimental but when it would be fixed in stable version?

Hey gents, I just checked the latest internal build and the jittery/jerky sway is smoothed out. However, I'll leave the issue open until we can try it out when the next update rolls out.


That's normal sway. What I'm experiencing is far worse, in addition to horizontal sway, for every weapon my sights bounce vertically. In other words my sights are flickering up then back down really fast.

use a morphine or splint=(find 1xstick on the ground in a wooded area and combine with 1xrag)

This appears broken again on the experimental pushed today.

Mosin is all over the place. Laying down, crouched or standings straight up results in the exact same amount of sway.

AL-97 added a subscriber: AL-97.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM
AL-97 added a comment.Jul 30 2014, 4:08 PM

This bug is back on today's 0.47.124621 stable patch. Tried sniping with my Mosin with long range scope and compensator attached but without a bipod and sway is all other the place.

Had this Problem, but it seems to be fixed for me on 0.47. experimental

If an Zombie hits you, you get so fast an unsigned fractur at your arm... i never used so much morphin-sticks as this update.
Zombie jump away and i'm behind him and get from his feed to the back damage and can't aiming with the mosin

This bug is still present in V48 Experimental. The zoomed scope reticle sways in an overly exaggerated form making for me sniping impossible. Even looking less than 50m at the ground zoomed in means the scope sways in an oval of about a metre in size whilst standing.

Now, if this is a feature of having scoped weapons, then I can only assume the person that made it as probably never picked up a weapon and fired at a target using a scope of any kind.

The sway I see would be the type of movement you would expect if you were looking down the scope whilst running toward your target and is totally unusable for any kind of shooting and especially makes scoped shooting impossible.

While hello Mr. UPS man... You should have left our wives alone.

Hello everyone,

I'll close the issue since the horizontal jittery/jerky "sway" should now have been fixed. Thanks for all your feedback!