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Feedback on issue closure - may be a new fall damage/player position bug
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Yesterday I reported issue 0012735 here: but it was closed as a duplicate of another issue (0002590).

After reviewing the other issue I think this one is separate to 0002590. 0002590 is about taking fall damage from very small drops whereas in my case I was standing on flat surfaces and died instantly, apparently from fall damage but not anywhere I even took a small fall.

It seemed plausible this has something to do with the previous rubber banding issue where the server and my client think I'm in different positions and when the server resolves my position it thinks I'm in the air.

It happened to me twice in an hour after patching to 45.124426 but not at all in the 900 hours before that so either I got very very unlucky or this is a new bug.

Sorry to report this as a new issue, I couldn't reopen the old one or see how to contact you about it!


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