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Zombies are too much OP.
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I haven't played DayZ for a while, and when I've played today, i've wondered that zombies do MASSIVE damage to the player and it's completely impossible to kill a zombie without getting damage unless you use fire weapons to kill them, and also they run so fast that it's almost impossible to escape them. Also when they hit you, they destroy your equipment too much quickly, so the game becomes so frustrating when you have to fight against zombies.
At least this is what happened today to my friends and I in a regular server. I don't know if this is normal or not, but I think that the zombies need to be balanced.


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This is a known issue. Zombies are very resilient to damage on their torso. Aim for the head. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Don't want to be captain obvious, but zombies should be immortal if you don't aim for the head. I really want to see zombies with broken leg or arm still crawling at you until you destroy the brain. The reel problem is not how much a zombie can take until die. The problem is the accuracy of melee weapon like the axe where you have to aim a way above the head to shoot properly. I don't even talk about baseball bat...
But I agree, zombies need some adjustments in speed and strength.

I don't mind aiming to the head, in fact, I like some difficulty for killing zombies, but they do too much damage and they can destroy everything you have with a few hits.
In theory, zombies are strong when there are a lot of them, and I think that one zombie shouldn't be a problem if you have good weapons and good aim, but that's not the case.
In my opinion, speed and damage (specially the damage they do in the gear) must be decreased.

I agree with you, I would have zombies ten times less strong, but ten times more numerous that attack like horde... but not for now :)

well, for me iv not had the issue of them ruining my gear, as i dont let them hit me, and usually creep up on them with my hatchet and they die in one or at most 2 swift strikes. just you guys wait till every hit a zombie makes on you, there is risk of infection, and hardly anywhere to find antibiotics, which is basically where there at in the mod right now and its awesome apart from the horible glitchy weirdness of them and stuff they are going down the route of intended i feel. just learn to get hit less. i mean in any classic zombie film, if the person gets scratched, the group has to kill em, know what im saying, one hit and you infected mo fo, your outta there, nada, vamos :P

It is fixed in the EXP branch, 45+ but it is a zombie game get used to it after they rework things on the simi new engine there will up to 10x the amount of zeds..

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@magmatrix OP means Over Powered.

Well, correct term should be "random". zombie can assault you for 3 minutes while AFK and doing pretty nothing or kill you in one blow when you're healthy...

Hello Yeray101,

The current iteration of melee damage is not the final version and will be reworked/balanced by the dev team as the project comes along.