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De-sync anytime I'm near a player,
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Edit: thought this was only happening in hardcore, turns out it's happening in both regular and hardcore.

In hardcore, I am unable to get near any player without having my entire game de-synced. By this I mean, if I right-click something in my inventory, it will just say receiving. And the last few lifes as soon as I saw someone, it would happen and then I would die (presumably from the person I saw killing me).

If I am nowhere near players (as far as I can tell). I am able to pick items up, put my battery in my flashlight, etc.


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Approach a player using my account.

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I've died, reinstalled and tried both regular and hardcore servers, I'm able to reproduce this over and over, haven't had a successful player interaction in quite a while.

This is in Stable, rather than Experimental.

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i have had this on occasion but it seems to be related more to the sum of both players connections, as i do not always get the issue when near players, but whenever i cant open a door, access my item menus to eat and drink, i always know someone is near enough to me to cause it

Hello jimmy575,

Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this issue. Since we are unable to reproduce the issue, would it be possible for you to attach a video that shows the change in your ping/bandwidth/desync when getting closer to another player?

Thank you in advance,


this is 100% true, Ill make a video it happens every time.

I found that I was having an interference issue with my wifi adapter. The issue (for me) has been resolved after fixing that issue.

Good to hear that you managed to solve the issue :) In case you run into any other problems, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.