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Screen sometimes become completely corrupted when alt-tab
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Not always, but likely %70 chance to screen become corrupted when restoring the game from alt-tab. Screen corruption continues even if i close the game. Desktop, other application's screens everyting become corrupted. The only solution is restarting the computer. It's very annoying. I don't have this problem with any other pc game.


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Open the game. Join any server. Alt-tab. Restore the game.

Continue until screen is become corrupted.

Additional Information

I tried to capture the screen with "printscreen" when it becomes corrupted but, everything seems normal in picture. So i didn't upload the printscreen image here.

I'm using 2x Asus HD6970 as a gpu with latest drivers.

Maybe this problem is related with multiple gpu's.

I tried to disable crossfire from Catalyst Control Center. But problem continues.

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Why nobody pay attention to this bug. This is unaccaptable even for an alpha stage game.

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What you mean with "the screen is corrupt"? A more detailed description would help. Add your dxdiag-file (google if you dont know how to find)!

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Can you update to the newest version, try to reproduce this bug again and upload a dxdiag report?

Some screenshots to show what happens might be good - a decent photo of your screen will do as the printscreen function didn't show the corruption.


I'm using the newest version.

I uploaded dxdiag report, and i capture the screen when it corrupts.

Video 1 :
Video 2 :
Video 3 :

Generally screen corrupts much worst that you can't see anything except black and white lines. Only fix is restarting computer.

And i forgot to say that i'm using 120hz monitor.

Note: I have nearly 130 games on my pc and i don't have any problem with any other game. I really like Dayz but this problem really annoys me :(

Edit: Please look at video 3 especially.

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Hm I am using also 2x GPU's on SLI, even when the Driver does not really have a SLI Support yet, but I don't have the issue after alt + tab.

Actually this looks like one card is rendering something completely wrong?!
Try when you have this issue to deactivate CrossFireX, I am pretty sure this will help out. When the bug its away restart CrossFire, maybe it will work?



I tried to disable CrossFireX and reproduce the problem, problem continues.

When screen corrupted, i tried to disable and re enable CrossfireX nothing changed.

Its almost 7 months past?? With latest patches i get this bug when launching the game. Not only on Alt+Tab. So it's become worse...

andy added a comment.Feb 10 2015, 11:45 AM

Hi traxformania and sorry to hear about your trouble.
This does not seem to necessarily be related to DayZ, but could be caused by your display - would it be possible to try lowering its refresh rate? While it is not a guaranteed fix, it has helped some people facing similar issues
Please let me know if it helped,

@andy Thanks, changing my monitor's refresh rate to 60hz completely fixed my problem. No more screen corruption. But, it's somewhat frustrating that i must change refresh rate whenever i want play dayz or after play.

It would be great if this is fixed in game. Everyting looks much better to me with 120hz.