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'Eat' or 'drink' menu options disapear for some reason
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I got a very very annoying bug, i don't know how it happens, i cannot reproduce it, but it reproduce itself 50 times a day:

I click on eat, or drink on the appropriate item, and the animation don't happens. I try to do it again but there is no more 'eat' or 'drink' option, only 'inspect'.
The only way i found is to disconnect / reconnect, then all is good, until the next time.

Additionnaly, if i do it a lot ( because i'm thirsty and i don't have no choice, i got to drink, then i respawn with a new character.


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Can you please tell me how to avoid this bug cause i can't play the game and, at this point, the game haves no interrest for me.

I play the OA mod since years.

Tonton Flingueur

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I have the exact same bug, but have noticed that it happens when you hold a weapon or something in your hands then instruct your avatar to eat or drink, once he finishes the instruction he puts the weapon or item back in his/her hands and your eat, drink, bandage, etc options disappears, this can then only be fixed by re-logging.

EDIT: I just entered the real version number i'm playing.
That's the stable one i presume.

Today i tried something : Take care about manipulating these items very very slow, for exemple i'm waiting 2 sec. after the end of the anim. before doing anything else. I never meet the bug ( while a few hours).

I don't know if i never had a weapon in the hand. I'll try next.

Let me know what happened cause that has pretty much been my solution so far, it still happens but a lot less.

Good Hunting

Today i played around 3 hours. I tried to 'eat' or 'drink' with an M1911 chambered and aimed, an empty Sporter22 too, and the bug occurs 2 times on 20 or 30, one time with the soda can still on the ground, and one time with it in my inventory. But i think it's mainly because i was not slowy than expected.

For the first time i seen a special message, using a desinfectant spray on a rag :
<< error putting item in your hands >>

I begin to considerate my GPU is not strong enough and i got lags because of that.
Do you VirtuaStig think about something similar ?

My GFX is Nvidia GeForce GT610, which is very small comparing to everyone playing DayZ, isn't it ?

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0010978: Unable to Eat, drink, or use anything in inventory.

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