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Fix the glitches before you do ANYTHING else
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This game is great and has a lot of potential but before you add anything or fix anything else you need to fix the glitches. Oh it's great that I get an admin warning message if i cuss in chat at the piece of shit that shot me from UNDERNEATH the hanger floor. So i lose all my gear to a game breaking bug AND I can't even cuss the asshole out anymore. Seriously though, the jails, the hangar floors, the middle upstairs room of the police station and all the other glitch rooms that guys get in need to be fixed. This needs to be a priority and I cannot fathom any reason you guys are letting this go.


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I say do your thing and listen to the community later

How are you playing such a old version of the game.. they have fixed the hangar issue by removing it all together and in 48. the looking through the walls has been fixed as well.. Upgrade your game and move on..

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Glitches will be worked on steadily, however expect the alpha to focus mainly on new content and features.