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Lack of loot (Is it an issue or something planned for the future?)
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I've been having somewhat of a hard time finding loot. For example the brown houses (remind me of camps) are pretty much not worth going into, I think I've seen something in them twice. Green and red houses are the same as well as the houses with the external stairs on the side. It's a waste of time going in them. I haven't been finding much in the apartment buildings either. I thought I was following someone else so I started playing on empty servers and it's the same. In general loot seems a little harder to find.


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It's always the same. Just search the houses, you will see no loot.

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When they get it in place the loot will respawn on its own, this is why servers now will restart after a few hrs so the loot will respawn until the new system is in place.. This has been covered many times before, please keep these post to bugs only..

What is a bug? If there is a problem it would be a bug report. I'm not a game developer so how do I know. Even with a fresh server with no other users it is like that so I don't really understand your point. Having houses not worth searching because nothing ever spawns there seems like a problem to me. It's just a waste of a building you can enter.