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300 round ammo box and ammo stacks
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300 round ammo box either takes more or less ammo than the description says.
Depending on the ammo you use you will either be able to put more or less than 300 rounds in the ammo box.
Mosin rounds stack 20 but the box only takes about 200 mosin rounds because of the stack size limit, however with stanag you have exactly 30 rounds but then with the pistol rounds it takes up to 400.

This is not game breaking, however if you say that it takes 300 rounds I expect it to take 300 rounds, regardless of what ammo type I use. ( other wise please specify)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a 300 round ammo box
  2. get different types of ammo stacks ( 10 stacks of each)
  3. place into ammo box

you will now (depending on the max stack size) have either less or more ammo in the box unless you use stanag which works fine.

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FYI I don't care what it says on the side of the box, the description says otherwise

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Some people just like things to be "as advertised".

That ammo box is meant for 5.56 rounds. So, if you put .45 APC in there, it's going to hold a lot more than 300, or if you put slugs in there, it'll hold a lot less. So, the way it works now is fine.