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Flares turn off when switching weapons
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When you are holding lighted flare and then you switch to the melee weapon (or normal weapon) by hotbar, your flare will turn off and goes to your inventory, instead of on the ground, still shining.

Since you cant turn off flares, I think this is a bug.


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Take flare -> Turn it on -> Switch to melee by hotbar ->turned off flare goes to inventory

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Confirmed. It also works if you just holster the flare or use something else from your inventory.

I think this is as designed, when you switch a weapon or take a other items into hands your in hands item goes back to inventory, unless it is already full, then it drops.
A burning flare in your pants would be funny, a hot one not as.
What happens when you stack ammo or load magazines? Does it go off then, too?
What happens when you throw a flare?
Dayz characters seem to hold everything in 2 hands. Having a flare in one hand and a pistol in the other would make more sense...

And sure having only "lit" light sources automatically drop on the ground would be better gameplay wise. Able to turn off all light sources, too.
A matter of game design.

Suggestion: have the "quality" of the flare attribute to how much time is left to burn ie. pristine = max flare time, ruined = flare spent. Flares should gradually drop down quality as they burn to give an indication of how long they will last.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this problem.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for the devs to fix this issue due to how the inventory is implemented. However, the flares should be fixed so that they don't reset the "internal energy" once placed back in the backpack. This way it will not be possible to carry around a roadflare that can be used indefinitely.