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"Eat all" on zucchini does not remove item from inventory; instead shows 0%
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"Eat all" on zucchini uses the zucchini and leaves it at 0% in your inventory instead of deleting it.


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  • This issue happened three times to me. Every time it happened, I selected the "Eat all" option from the "vicinity".

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This has actually happened to me a few times with different items, not just the zucchini. Once had a can of Pepsi go invisible in my inventory and rendered that one slot useless until I re-logged and it showed up. Same issue with the zucchini - had to relog before it showed up in inventory as 0%.

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Awesome, thanks!

I just also wanted to note that I also got this 0% glitch when I ate some canned peaches, only happened one time.