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Global Ban
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I know this is the wrong category or whatever. But I'm getting really mad, because of that game. Well, I have no problem with it, it runs well etc. But I just got banned by Battleye for NO REASON. You can't tell me that there's a reason always. I played the game at the evening of the 7.5.2014. Everything was fine, like everyday I played it. But in the afternoon of the 8.5.2014 I received that message with that in:
You were kicked of the Game (Battleye: Global Ban #2e5a32)
If nobody will answer me and get this all right with me, I will get a lawyer and then we will have fun. Really, I can't understand why you are doing this.
If this here is the wrong page for that, I'm sorry, but then please tell me where I can get this imputance all right.
Before you tell me to write an email to the Battleye Support or the Bistudio Support, you need to know this phenomenom:
I wrote an email to Battleye. They told me to write an email to Bistudio. I did do that and guess what they've told me. To write an email to Battleye. So who can help me now?! I just want my money back. My money for DayZ and Arma 3. I just throw about 70€ right out the the window.
Thank you for understanding this and answering me,
McFreshfleisch {F31010} {F31011}


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Enjoy your ban!

Aaw you faggots can't read, right? Dawgstyl. I already did that. 2 days ago already.

And do you not think that countless others would be sending emails to BE stating they've been banned for no reason only to be told that they were caught hacking and that they lied?

I'm not accusing you of being a hacker, but posting here won't do much good as you've already been banned and the only people that can help you are BE.

Best bet is to wait longer for that reply or get the lawyer... XD

i never heard about this before.
i hope they will fix this to you very soon.
i feel ya :(

I just want somebody who can tell me a guy from BE, because they won't answer me. And im not one of these fucking hackers. I think BE failed it to protect the gamers. The hackers are laughing at them. I'm already playing dayz since 2 and a half year.

haste den Account jemandem ausgeliehen? weil der Code ist definitiv der, den man fürs hacken bekommt ...

Nein habe ich nicht. Ich hatte letztens (nach dem Ban) mal den Virenscanner laufen lassen. Hab nen Virus im Windowsordner gefunden. Vielleicht liegts daran?
Also gehackt habe ich niemals. Ich zocke das Game wie gesagt seit 2+ jahren und das nicht gerade wenig. Die Mod kann ich übrigens noch spielen. Nur Arma 3 und die DayZ Standalone halt nicht.

they will answer. but it will take some time.

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BattleEye is a shitty, fucking anti cheat software.

I stopped counting, how many players got banned WITHOUT reason! And the REAL HACKERS get NEVER banned!

... think about to change to the Valve System and throw this shitty piece of shit called "BattleEye" to the gargabe!

An den Ersteller.. hol dir besser nen guten Anwalt und vordere dein Geld ein! BattleEye wird dir nichts zurückgeben.


I heard battleeye targets scripting and VAC targets memory hacks and the sorts.
Now I have little knowledge of how both work so I'm not sure.

I just wrote a ticket to steam, so I can either get my fucking money back, or they will get in contact with Battleye. And they won't do a shit for me. I do experience the worst performance problems you can have with Arma 3. It crashes every 30 minutes and I don't know why. EVEN the fucking Support doesn't know the solution for this. Steam isn't able to get the games back and write to Battleye, that the keys are theirs now, so they can unban and resell them. The whole Supportfaction is just a piece of shit. Nobody wants to do anything and they're just sending bot emails to the reporters. For example Battleye. I wrote them -> Botmail. I wrote them again as an answer on the botmail -> the SAME botmail. I'm already waiting 3 days for an answer of a REAL person and not a fucking bot. I can't get this shit anymore. I'm quitting Battleye Powered Games. They're worse than the NSA spying what I'm writing. I think I will create a group with all the Battleye banned people (who are innocent) and then we will tell them, they're unable to ban the real hackers. Sorry for my madness. I'm trying to keep it in but sometimes it gets into my fingers.

And one thing I do need to put in here. When I joined a server and received the ban message. There are about 10 friends on the server I joined. But there are only about 6 online.

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I'm sorry, but nobody here is able to help you with this issue. Bans are handled completely by BattlEye so you will need to continue trying to sort it out with them.