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Banned of all servers
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       I play Arma 3 and was battle-eye banned on their and when i went to play Dayz Standalone i was battle-eye banned on the game and no longer can play on servers is their away that can be fixed or get my 30 dollars back from when i bought it one week after the alpha release


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You where kicked from the game
[Battleye global banned #eeab53]

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if you cheated in arma and got banned, then its no surprise the battle eye client bans you all together??? did you cheat or what caused your ban in the instance of arma 3?

i was playing life and i found money on the ground was acused of hacking and the next day was banned

i used to hack but i stopped long time ago i never hacked arma tho only gta 4

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i hacked arma2 and after i whas banned in dayz sa too ... i dont know why, because is the same battle-eye?


BattlEye Global Bans are Global across all products that is using their protection. If you cheated in Arma 3, you are also banned on Arma 2 and DayZ.

Please contact BattlEye directly for all issues related to the BattlEye anti-cheat.

Thank you!