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Cheaters outbreak (May 2014) \ Нашествие читеров (Май 2014) #SaveDayZFromCheaters
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RU description


После регистрации выбираем Vote Up и жмем кнопку Vote.

Русское сообщество игроков DayZ обращается к разработчикам и просит их принять меры по предотвращению нашествия читеров. Нам поступают кучи сообщений о читерах и люди попросту разочаровываются в игре после того, как читер свел на нет многочасовые старания. Да, конечно это альфа, конечно же мы предупреждены об этом и мы легко стерпим баги, вайпы, краши, снижение ФПС, дисконнекты, рассинхроны, незаконченные фичи, задержки и т.п... что угодно стерпим от разработчиков, но не от читеров, которые буквально захватили игру за апрель.

Мы попробуем показать важность и серьезность проблемы своими голосами к этому тикету.

Мы понимаем, для решения проблемы требуется время, мы знаем вы можете закрыть лазейку, найденную хакерами. Мы хотим привлечь ваше внимание к этой проблеме и попросить вас в ближайшее время выделить часть ресурсов разработки на решение проблем безопасности.

Чтобы помочь вам в этом деле мы организованно и коллективно будем собирать ссылки, видео и читы (в том числе купленные и реальные файлы) и будем скидывать их в этот приватный тикет (закрытый от публики, чтобы чума не ползла дальше)

EN description


RU Community addresses developers to take measures and stop current cheaters outbreak. We receive tons of reports and people are frustrated after their gameplay it ruined by some cheater. Of course it's alpha, of course we are warned and can easily tolerate bugs, wipes, crashes, FPS drop, disconnects, desyncs, unfinished features, delays etc... anything from our respected developers but not from hackers\cheaters that took over DayZ SA past month.

We will show you the importance and severity of the issue by our votes for this ticket.

We know, it needs time, we know you can close a backdoor they've found by this time. We want to draw your attention to this and ask you to devert some developing resources to find and shut security holes.

For this purpose we will supply you with bought or downloaded cheats, that will be collected in a relevant private ticket -



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Updated description with RU version

Всеми руками за! \ Agree!

Жжём чуму! :D

Исправил опечатку \ Mistype fix

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В атяку! я против этих недоигроков

Вперед! Я реально надеюсь это увидят разработчики!

Fixed 2104 to 2014 in the title LOL

пусть у читероа будет рак

Fantastic. Russian hackers say developers allow M4 with unlimited ammo, because it's alpha ersion LOL. Those hackers sell their item hacks as ingame items. You buy cheat and have a pack of items :) Genius! The link to the place where it is sold will be in the related private ticket.

There are certain things that can be done such as fixing the unlimited ammo (come on that's the oldest trick in the book). But for client-side memory based things it's just a game of cat and mouse between the cheat companies vs VAC and BE.

The devs need to fix the REAL problems before adding 100 new weapons nobody needs ..

Надеюсь, разработчики обратят внимание. Я люблю эту игру такой, какой она является уже, но читы... это слишком.

They should work on more important things than this.

And what is more important than this?

Because of bugs like -this-, there will be less and less players.

I don't agree at all. DayZ should be practicaly unplayable in it's current state, and content is a priority rather than fixes for exploits and hacks!


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Some cheats are caused of client-side things. Till they are dropped for server-side they cannot be solved.

Waiting for resolving.

Waiting and hoping ...

Found a 3.4568e+134683920 Mag

I don't agree at all. DayZ should be practicaly unplayable in it's current state, and content is a priority rather than fixes for exploits and hacks!

You're not quite correct. Content creation has never been suspended since january 2014 and is successfully continued every dya, because design team is working independently and is not related to security problems. They create new model, town, building even if there are bugs, glitches, crashes and cheaters after another patch.

So yes, content is a SEPARATE priority and is doing fine. Features, engine and graphics - another SEPARATE priority, but very dependent on security, so programmers will be addressing those issues while designers do their work.

please fix security in dayz

... and wipe all servers!

Reamaz added a subscriber: Reamaz.May 8 2016, 6:04 PM

Dear developers!
I ask you to solve the security problem as soon as possible. Cheaters no place in the vast DayZ!!!
Sincerely, project participant DayZ.
Translated by Google Translate.

Dear players,

I am very interested in hacking any programs that I use. Why? I work in an industry which every day has to protect against such attacks. By the time I discovered the “game hacking” as a “sport” and developed it for myself.
Phones, consoles, TV everything what was new was modified or simply hacked/rooted or as it is called by the most.
If my friends want to play with me i say, hey i'm online with my second account, if you want to play with me you play with a cheater. They said, “okay If you play “real” give me a “ping” and we can play together”. It is quite important you are honest to your players and friends and don’t say “yeaahh, I’m a real pro learn 2 play you **. But I like to troll some “lowbrow” livestreamers ^^. I laugh so much about this rage scenarios ^^.

I hate this bullshit like this, some various people whine about hacking, they got shot from kilometers away…must be a hacker. So I can say the Soundengine is buggy as hell and I record some videos with my friends and kill some people with the mosin…Between my friend was only a house and the “enemys” was only 50 meters away. And he can’t hear my mosin shots…only the impact was recognized with a “zipppp” “zippp”. And if you find a hacker, congratulations he will be banned next time because of delayed bans. As I can say, some “buy a hack sites” have serious problems the hacks are detected every week constantly. The “customers” whine about refund…a private hack that only works 2 or 3 days. So I hacked in Arma II with my main account and got never detected. But I quit after months playing because it was “boring”. Battleeye do some advantages -> “private hacks” and “public hacks” got constantly detected. So many sites (Arma II) don’t have “private hacks” for the “customer” for weeks or months and that is great.
Bad thing was that the key stealing in Arma II was so simple that I can buy 10 Arma II keys for 15 Euros :-))). But this was fixed in DayZ Standalone <- Good Job, Team.
No Kiddies, only the “real hacker” with her own hacks can rule the servers…this is quite difficult to detect because they have the knowledge to write their own bypass.

Import Notice:
If I compare with other games like Battlefield or COD and so on, BE and/or VAC do a good job to keep the “buy a hack” people away. These Kids who buy a hack for a bunch of dollars and shot players about kilometers with an aimbot are really angry about the anti-cheat measures.

Pssscchhhtt my private ESP is also working in DayZ Standalone because I found the changed offsets. Maybe it is not the last change for the offsets but I keep it updated (changes after an update) just as a sport.

Play with cheat account= 2 hours / real playing 10 minutes ^^
Play with real account without cheat = 70 hours <- sorry, have a job, wife and kids…it is kown as “rl” 

just my 2 cents and sorry english is not my native language.

This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to #0008589 for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.