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Zombies going through walls
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Why would you make Zombies faste, double their chance to inflict bleeding, double the amount of zombies in general, even allow them to respawn right in front of players for no reason when you still allow them to run through WALLS?


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I dont know, seems like there's some kind of radio silence about this Most Important Issue.

this is definitely NOT the most important issue, also there are like 20 threads duplicated on this issue... please add to existing feedback instead of create yet more duplicates. google dean hall roadmap dayz and watch the video where he talks about all these issues and when they have laid out that things are being aimed to get implemented/fixed etc. this game is fully alpha state, and a complete new system for zombies and their pathfinding AND building interior exterior meshes is being worked on, hence why the zombies are taking a back seat and just having slight changes to them to make them even slightly worth having in game to keep some level of interest. at first zombies were not even in dayz sa, so be happy you have even crappy placeholder zombies.

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Thanks for the report, however zombies clipping through objects is a known issue.

Closing as duplicate of #77