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FNX45 with FNP45 MRD and pistol flashlight. are not working together.
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i attached my FNP45 MRD on my FNX45. after that, i found a pistol flashlight. i noticed that the FNP45 MRD can't be activated while the pistol flashlight is attached. even i attached a Alkaline Battery 9V for both of them. but still don't want to work. when i turn on the FNP45 MRD while the pistol flashlight is not attached. it works. when i attache it, it wont.

or maybe because both of them are Badly Damaged ?

(not ruined)


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the pistol flashlight is working at any cases.

the FNP45 MRD wont work with the flashlight.

remember that both of them have battery's.

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