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Zombie Attack distances - hits from 10 feet and more
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While running for my life, on both flat ground and hills(up and down) I was getting hit by the zombies behind me, even though they were 10 feet and more in the distance. they seem to have a very good range attack, and even tho i was fleeing professionally and shouldn't have gotten hit, I was hit repeatedly until all my gear was junk {F30899} {F30900}


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meet new zombie friend, run away, watch zombie attack from more than 10 feet.

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Now< i realize it could be desync or something. but..... I also noticed that i am rubberbanding back 50 feet or more sometimes. making a buildings over 1 story a no go, kinda ruining the fun~!

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My friends and I have also experienced this problem. It becomes more frustrating, because we start bleeding with almost every hit and zombies do not slow down for a long time like they used to. Not to mention that they agro from very far away even when crouching in a building

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cities are death, hills are death. axes are jello.

I have experienced the same issue, even on servers where I have a relatively good connection.

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I have experience the same problem, I got fiber optic 100/100 while playing on servers with less then 10ms, and it seems like they can hit you even if the aggro animation is turned away from you.

I noticed when I play with my friends that the dysync is in the thousands and seems to hop from player to player like an infection (no joke intended there :3). Can be game breaking at times (most really) but I know that this is just early server issues and should improve over development.

However, I will bring this up because it could apply very well to this issue. Sometimes I get hit from zombies that are not even visible, I did come to learn the zombies were actually a few feet under the ground leaping at me (noticed head and arms clipping through at random times)

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@pkactus I know axes are jello, but you must agree with me in the fact zombies are hiting you with way too high angle of attack, i mean, you are jello axeing a zed, turn around him when he "raise his hands to do the attack" and he could hit you even 10 feet behind him.

I could asume the distance from the front, but that ridiculous range of attack? almost 360º...

edit: and i am talking with 30-50 ping, no desync, 300-400 bandwidth