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Minimum mouse sensitivity setting is not enough when using low DPI mouse
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Using some specific mouse with low DPI (400 or 800, not sure), it is still too sensitive even if you set sensitivity setting to minimum. No mouse smooth.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use a low DPI mouse (400 or 800)
  2. Set in game mouse sensitivity setting to minimum.
  3. Use 1280x720 render resolution (I think this matters to your perception)

Actual result:

The mouse feels too sensitive for someone taste. (I call this fast moves)

Expected result:

A minimum setting is an extreme and should make the mouse feel a lot slower than normal value.

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I think this is due to the 1:1 not being as intended by arma engine. Now this game started to feel like counter-strike or something, no turning penalty what so ever. This is not how I imagine a simulator engine, even if it is turning out to more main-stream. I too have the minimum value and still feel its too fast, but maybe it is just something you have to get used to.

Ok, but 1:1 input means no acceleration. Different mouses with different DPI need different sensitivity adjustments. A mouse move unit is translated to ingame movement based on a sensitivity factor. All we need is to fix sensitivity scale.
As I said, current minimum is not minimum enough.

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Yes the sensitivity has to be tweaked, it's way too high by default and not low enough on minimum setting.

You can set the Sensitivity manually in your profiles Configfile until this is fixed by the devs.

For the default profile:
C:\Users\ <yourname> \Documents\DayZ\<yourname>.DayZProfile

For custom Profiles:
C:\Users\ <yourname> \Documents\DayZ Other Profiles\ <yourname> \<yourname>.DayZProfile

Open the File "<yourname>.DayZProfile" with Notepad or any other text editor.

Find the following lines and edit their value:

Have fun and vote this ticket UP!


your suggestion will be considered. Thank you for your feedback!


we have adjusted the mouse sensitivity slider. The lowest setting should now be somewhat lower. It will be added in the next game updated. If you feel that it's still not enough, feel free to submit another issue and we will reassess at the time.

Thanks once again for your feedback!