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Unable to Eat, drink, or use anything in inventory.
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It's one thing for the game to not let you eat or drink temporarily, but when your character is bleeding and you can't use rags or a bandage until actually leaving the server. That's when it becomes troublesome.


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I had this issue tonight on a hardcore server. From memory, I did have a full inventory, if that matters. I could not eat, drink, or use a bandage. All I could do was "inspect" various items with the right mouse button on the inventory screen.

This was on 0.44 stable.

Yeah, I'm seeing the same issue, and it seems to stem form trying to use or eat/drink something when you already have an item, i.e a gun or ax in your hands. If you are careful (religiously) and put away whatever is in your hands before you use or eat something, you should be able to circumvent this. ATM Im about to lose a great character ive been playing for almost a week because of this and unrelated issues connecting to servers that wont allow me to do anything except walk around for a minute before losing my session.

This isn't related to the "you are already using something" message. If that were the case you'd still get the use option when trying the item. Sometimes I am not even getting that option. I've had to log off and log back in to resolve this.

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0010942 was closed as duplicate of this issue but this one was created one day later. Where is the logic?

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This report was more popular in terms of comments and votes

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yes, i also have this, most the time when you "used" something. .that dont workd. .its then like stucked. .so ou can do all things but not USE eat bandages etc! this is REALY DANGEROUS ..when you bleed and you can do nothing ..just logout and hope your char will be with blood in next login!! NEED SOLVING

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Started getting this as of 44.123800. It doesn't happen randomly, I've found this issue only appears for me after I bandage myself more than once in less than 10 minutes. So basically in both instances of this happening to me, the zombies hit me, I ran and bandaged, they caught up to me and hit me again, I bandaged, they hit me again, and now I can't use ANY item in my inventory, including eating and drinking. Only option that appears is "inspect". I can shoot and open doors though.

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This happend to me aswell, more than once, only way to fix this is by logging out and in again.

Same here the only solution i found for that is to log out then back in...i died 2 times because of it i was not able to use the bandages...

The only time I've had the above issue, after being attacked multiple times, is when all the gear is ruined in the attack. My issue starts from log in until I log out and log back in again. Relogging usually will solve it but I've gotten into the habit of checking before moving. Just because it starts letting me use stuff does not mean it will always let me use stuff, no matter the damage level of the item in question.

I can confirm, i found some dead bodies with a gun (m4 with no attachments) and some food and ammo, everything was prestine and i couldnt use anything or shoot the gun (i wanst even able to aim with the gun), i was using prestine ammo too, then i decide to swicth server by thinking it will fix the problem, it did, i could eat, and the weird part is the m4 had attachments and i was able to shoot with it and aim, its like the items arent synced.

Just had this issue, I'm still connected to the server and can interact with buildings and some items like splitting ammo and rags but can't use rags/bandages, eat or drink.

This seems to be especially bad for me today. I'll get to use/eat one item then the bug hits me full force and I can bandage/eat/drink NOTHING from then on. Not worth the risk of get schwacked while bugged like that. I can use binoculars and bring my weapon to the ready. Have not tried to shoot it, again, not worth the risk of attracting attention then getting shot or attacked and not be able to do anything to bandage myself. Items I am attempting to use/eat are NOT ruined.

Can confirm I had the same issue on Stable 0.44 today on a Hardcore server. It was as said above I was attacked several times within about 5 minutes and they ruined some clothing. I bandaged and then was unable to drink or eat from my inventory. After relogging the issue was rectified.

When right-clicking on an item only the inspect option pops up.

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Had this happen on a freshly restarted server. I couldn't drink from my canteen, and later when I got smacked by a zombie, I couldn't bandage myself with either pristine bandages or pristine rags. I logged in this morning and able to bandage myself without issue.

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had this happen to me yesterday i actually made a post yesterday about this with basic step on how i get it usually when i try and run away just before the item goes in my hands.

i almost lost my character cause of it had to run to a two story building to log and go to separate server to bandage myself

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still happens

Yeah, same for me. Only solution is to leave the server and join again.