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FNX45 reddot not working (hardcore)
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hi the red dot on the FNX45 scope doesn't appear to be working, or should I say it doesn't seem to turn on, have tried 2 different fully charged 9v batteries.


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I just reproduced this as well today. Same thing happened with multiple 9V batteries that work in other flashlights.

I also have reproduced this on multiple servers today. I've tried multiple fully charged batteries, and detaching the sight and putting the battery in before and after attaching the sight to the pistol. On a side note, the silencer for the FNX45 no longer works either. It has the same discharge volume and zombie attraction/attention factor with or without the silencer.

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I have also reproduced this and can confirm no red dot for the FNX45 sight despite multiple fully charged 9v batteries.

Also confirmed. Tried several batteries in various states which worked in other equipment. When right-clicking then selecting "Turn On" the choice disappears, but is still visible the next time you right-click the sight.

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I came across the same thing yesterday on regular server, when a friend found me the that scope for mine. attached it then put full pristine 9v in tried the turn on and no red dot.

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This topic was spoken about earlier. It turns out that your RDS wont turn on if you have got a pistol flashlight attached. If you remove the flashlight the RDS will function correctly. Hope this helps

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mine just has a silencer on it no flashlight. but will see if removing silencer from it will allow red dot to show?

will post back in a few.

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I can confirm ANOXIA's statement that the FNX45 sight will NOT function with a pistol flashlight attached. Removing the flashlight from the pistol will enable the red dot sight to function again.

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for mine to work, I had to remove the flashlight I had on my m4 then the red dot fnx45 showed to be working

I noticed the issue in Hardcore today and recorded a video:

Indeed the problem only occures with attached weapon flashlight.
But as you can see, the dot is visible for a split second when turning on the FNP45 MRD.

Happened to me too. Had a "pretty fully charged" battery inserted in the red dot. Turned it on, no dice.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for sending in all your feedback regarding this issue. I'll close the issue since it is fixed in the latest internal build.