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No "Eat" or "Eat all" option whith openned canned food
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When trying to eat canned food no eat or eat all option shows up.
It was also not possible to eat when the can was in my hands. {F30870} {F30871} {F30872}


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Rightclick on canned food or put canned food in hands.

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Got the same with a NotaCola and bandages, also with painkillers.

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"Got the same with a NotaCola and bandages, also with painkillers."
Why would you want to eat bandages? :)

I experienced the same issue with the missing 'eat all' option.

I took sardines, chose the 'eat all' option from the right click menue.
While my toon was 'eating all' I was hit uncunscious with a frying pan by a friend of mine.
After waking up I was not able to chose the 'eat all' any longer. The only option left was 'inspect'.

My friend tried the same (reproducing). Eating all, got hit unconscious, woke up, no more 'eat all' option with right mouse click.

happens pretty often on my end in the newest stable version
first you can select a food/drink item and chose eat all or drink however nothing happens and you're no longer able to drink or eat anything. so i guess the animation hangs so that you'Re no longer able to consume/or use anything else.

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It's reproducable by opening can's with a badlz damaged can opener but also when opening it with the machete or the hack saw.

Looking for more steps to reproduce the issue.

A workaround for me is logging out of the server and then logging back in. Then eating the opened can works.

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Closing as duplicate of #10978