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too many cheaters in game
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Hello sirs,

    My friends and i have been playing dayz since the beginning alpha test. We love the game and have been playing it since. 
    But now i really can't help to want to complain on how many cheater there are in the game, especially US, Russian, and Chinese servers. 
    These cheaters are such an bad influence, and strong impact on normal players. We can't play fairly on almost any server. And to our knowledge, most of these cheaters are even proud of themselves.
    Could you please do something to solve this problem? before we gave up the game we love?

    Best regards


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In 460 hours of playing DayZ Standalone i saw 3 cheater flying through the air while shooting and 6 cheater using speedloader with 70 bullets inside. I play on full servers most the time and in my opinion the amount of hackers is still quite low. Of course its annoying to experience hacking but even bigger is the problem with glitchers camping inside prison buildings and shoting through walls, because this is a known issue existing since launch of the game.
I hope they are going to fix this soon.

Only 9 hackers in 460 hours, that's less than 1 per 50 hours on average. Lucky you!

I was killed by hackers yesterday. They could see me from a distance when i was prone behind a wall, i could see one of the stop and look at me and then they all came my way. When i was hiding in some buildings they immediately went to the building i was in and ran up the stairs until they were just below me, etc. They clearly could see through walls and stuff.

Two days earlier i was killed by a guy who just walked through the wall and axed me.

And so on...

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Look at this central hacker thread please:

This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to #0008589 for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.