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Game frequently crashes with GTX560 video card
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During play, the game frequently crashes. Suspect the issue is due to the Nvidia GTX 560 card as before upgrading to this card the crashes didn't occur.

The game crashes about once per 1-2 hours in stable version 0.43.116251 but much more frequently - every 30 minutes or so - in experimental version 0.44.123800. Crashes can occur in any environment/situation.

When the game crashes to black screen it can usually be resolved by going to task manager and ending the DayZ.exe process then restarting the game but occasionally the computer has to be hard reset.

I have tried nvidia driver versions 337.50 (beta), 335.23, 334.89 & 334.67 with no difference observed.

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I have tried setting the nvidia control panel to set power management to max performance as recommended by others but this didn't make a difference.

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I have a similar problem. My Nvidia Geforce 550 Ti driver (335.23) crashes after about an hour of playing. Time to crash varies and depends on the graphic settings. At low texture settings, a crash occurs rarely or not at all. On high settings more often.
The previous driver caused the same problems but before that everything worked fine.
In other games i have no problems with driver crashes and the temperature of the graphic card is slightly under 80 degrees. Same temperature as with other games.

I have a GTX 460 and no crashes with the experimental driver 331.93 This is the the most stable driver for my card. No crashes with any games / programs I use, since I use this specific driver. Maybe you want to test it.
Making a system restore point before messing with Nvidia graphics drivers of all kind is recommended.

Make sure you uninstall the current driver completely for a clean install.

You can get the Driver here:

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I was able to resolve this issue by downclocking my video cards core and memory frequency slightly in MSI Afterburner. Not sure if it was a hardware issue specific to my card or why it happened much more frequently in 44.12333800 than in 43.116251 but all good now :)