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Portable Gas Lamp slowly fades screen black when light on
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When holding the portable gas lamp in your hands, with fists up, your screen begins to slowly fade to black. It remains black until you turn off the light. Then the screen slowly begins to return to normal. Seems it's always a slow transition so you can interrupt the transition at any time by throwing it/turning off the light/putting hands down at sides.

When the portable lamp is in your hands but at the "down position" there are no problems. There is also no problems when the lamp is in your "fists up" hand IF it's turned off. The problem occurs only when it's on.

Refer to screenshots in to see fade to black transition. {F30808}


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Steps To Reproduce

Obtain a gas canister and portable lamp. Combine the two, then turn on the lamp while it's in your hands. Put your fists up with it on and watch the screen turn black. Then turn off the lamp and watch the screen slowly fade back.

Additional Information

Experimental Version: 0.44.123800

Tested on Hardcore server multiple times. DID NOT TEST ON REGULAR DIFFICULTY IN 3rd PERSON VIEW.

Educated guess: Probably has something to do with HDR. Possibly the way HDR is handling the bright light in your face.

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